Massage Therapist Rochester NY

Massage Therapist Rochester NY

Form Massage Therapy & Integrative Health offers the best medical, hot stone, deep tissue, and pregnancy massages. Our massage therapist in Rochester, NY, Amanda Fite, is a highly sought-after masseuse with hundreds of positive reviews and several years of experience.

Our massage therapists

Our massage therapy clinic has two of the best massage therapists: Amanda Fite and Kasey Boutwell. Amanda has over 20 years of massage experience and is a well-rounded masseuse and hypnotherapy practitioner. She possesses several certifications in multiple areas of bodywork and movement.

Kasey is a skilled massage therapist specializing in Swedish, deep tissue, pregnancy, and hot stone massages. She also excels at working with athletes and post-op recovery and injury rehab patients.

Massage therapy for high blood pressure

Several studies suggest that massage therapy can protect people against high blood pressure and reduce their risk for heart diseases. Integrative massage therapy calms the sympathetic nervous system and helps in stress management. There is also research backing the claim that Swedish and deep tissue massage therapies can lower blood pressure.

Nevertheless, the patient must follow a heart-healthy diet and engage in regular exercise to garner the best treatment outcome. Besides, massage therapy may help lower blood pressure only in non-smokers and individuals who maintain a healthy weight. Our Integrative health and wellbeing program for blood pressure control keeps stress in check and protects against high blood pressure and cardiovascular conditions.

What is a deep tissue massage?

Deep tissue massage is a type of wellness therapy that uses firm pressure and slow strokes. Our trained and licensed New York massage therapist uses deep tissue massage to reach the deeper layers of muscle and fascia and alleviate chronic pains in the body’s contracted areas. It is highly effective in healing stiff neck and upper back pains, lower backaches, sore shoulders, and tightness in the leg muscles.

Deep tissue massage also improves chronic muscle pain and aids in injury rehabilitation. By breaking the scar tissue, muscle knots, and adhesions, deep tissue massage promotes blood circulation in specific body parts, reduces inflammation, and improves the range of motion in recipients. Deep tissue massage is an advanced version of a typical Swedish massage that offers several physical and mental health benefits to the receiver. Our massage therapy in NY proves highly beneficial for patients battling sciatica, osteoarthritis pain, postural problems, muscle tension, piriformis syndrome, tennis elbow, and fibromyalgia.

Top reasons to get a massage

Massage therapy falls under complementary and alternative medicines (CAM) and addresses several physical and mental health conditions. Here are the top reasons for getting a good and relaxing massage at our center:

  1. Massage therapy relaxes the body, allows you to counter anxiety and stress, relieves muscle pain and tension, and improves circulation and flexibility.
  2. It offers deep relaxation, promotes sleep, and improves your fight-or-flight reactions.
  3. Massage therapy plays an integral role in reducing muscle pain and tension, improving circulation and flexibility, lowering heart rate, and promoting mental wellness.

Form Massage Therapy & Integrative Health is a holistic wellness clinic specializing in massage therapy, hypnotherapy, sauna, and coaching services. Get in touch with us at (585) 752-3644 to schedule an appointment with Amanda Fite, the #1 massage therapist in Rochester, NY.

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Massage Therapist Rochester NY

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