Some kind words from a handful of our clients. If you have an experience you’d like to share, please contact us.

  • Kasey is a PRO, I cannot say that enough! My first session with her was unlike any other massage I’ve had prior! She has played a huge part in easing pain in my back. Not only is she a fantastic massage therapist, she is an even better person too, who loves what she does and is comfortable to be around!

    Sam P.
  • I came to Amanda on the recommendation of a dear friend who I trust completely. After a lifetime of excellent health, I was experiencing heart rate problems (atrial fibrillation) which affected me deeply. I was experiencing physical and emotional challenges – fatigue, shortness of breath, and pressing anxiety about my mortality and my family’s needs. The hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis methods that Amanda taught me went well beyond my expectations. She guided me through the experience, answered my many questions and gave me techniques that I continue to use long after my health issues have dissipated. With her support, I was able to control my anxiety, restore my confidence and, once again look forward to a fine future. On a regular basis, I now use these techniques to step out of the daily whirlwind and restore calm and love to my day. My cardiologist tells me that the mind-body connection is very powerful, but most people are unable to access it; he is very supportive. Amanda’s hypnotherapy has had a strong positive impact on my life.

    Steve M.
  • Kasey has been instrumental in the achievement of my overall health & fitness goals, helping my body reverse the damages of an overactive lifestyle & challenging postures from my career & exercise. Her touch/ pressure is always exactly what that area needs & she also knows when I prefer quiet or talking. She’s attentive & has a great memory for my issues. I appreciate her knowledge when I ask questions, her professionalism /temperament & work ethic /balancing her time. I feel great when the massage is complete—mentally & physically, and I feel lucky & grateful we met!

    Liz M.
  • Amanda has offered her healing hands to me through years of muscle soreness from CrossFit, migraines, stress from school, long hours working as a nurse, pregnancy and the occasional self-maintenance. As someone who has received massage from Amanda for over ten years, I have always left feeling restored physically and mentally. She has even helped me heal from years of monthly stress migraines to the point that I haven’t had one in over 7 years! She truly listens to your concerns, asks for feedback, and is responsive in individualizing her care to provide optimal results. She is cheerful, consistent, thoughtful and freely offers her knowledge of different therapy techniques to help her clients feel their best. She is truly one of a kind in her field and I have recommended her to countless friends, coworkers, and loved ones. Thank you, Amanda, for all you have done for me!

    Erinn R.
  • I tried hypnotherapy to help me with a few demons, I call them, that haunt me daily. I’ve been through so much in my life, and have practiced poor coping mechanisms that have only left me frustrated, depressed, and searching. Amanda taught me to tap into deeper parts of my mind and to re-wire aspects that brought about real change. I won’t lie, I experienced some painful and heartfelt emotions during our sessions; but Amanda, a consummate professional, made me feel strong, secure, and trusting. I was worried about being judged. I was ashamed of my weaknesses. Amanda taught me self-hypnotism (at a basic level), which I continue to use regularly to induce sleep, calm my brain, and improve meditation. Learning to self-hypnotize is an important practice to maintain balance. I went into our sessions fully aware that things take time. Having an open mind and allowing the process to work is key, and I am forever grateful.  The demons are still there, but they are weak and in a place that no longer cause me angst or suffering. I’m stronger, and so much happier. I cannot express words to convey how appreciative and free I feel emotionally and physically. When I share my journey with others, or hear how someone is feeling frustrated with any aspect of their lives– I encourage them to try hypnotism, and if they live in the Rochester area, to call Amanda. Forever thankful,

    Karen O.
  • Simply put, Amanda is a life changer. I've been a client of hers for 3 years and I wish I had started working with her sooner. She's a great massage therapist and that manifests in so many ways, well before and after a treatment. I really appreciate that she starts every session by talking to me about why I'm there and what I'm hoping to get from the session, and she really listens. The massage itself always gets to the root of my discomforts. When it's done she gives some tips on how to stay well between visits and above all, she follows up to make sure my expectations are met.

    Mike T.