Finding What’s Best For You

There is a mismatch in what society tells us and what is reality in so many areas of life. We consistently look to outside resources or experts to tell us what is best for us, what we should do in life, what our purpose is in life, where our attention should be and the best processes for healing. Reality is that the only person that knows what is best for you, is YOU.

There is no one single solution for the entire population for ANYTHING! What are the best ways of eating, modes of transportation, modalities of healing, exercise, etc. will vary drastically from person to person. The keto diet may be healthful and sustainable for one person and be a drastic health detriment for another. Hot yoga may be wonderful for your best friend, but leaves you feeling depleted and sluggish the rest of the day. Acupuncture may be magical for your partner, but you feel better after you have a chiropractic adjustment.

Finding what works best for you should be a journey. Try out a bunch of different things! And by try them out I mean you really must give them time to do their magic, or not. Oh, and once you think you have everything figured out, it may change, and that is okay. The real magic is being still long enough every day to let your mind and body give you the answers you seek. This is where the real answers lie, inside YOU!

Once you have found what path best resonates with you, turning to an “expert” in the field is a possibility to help you get a solid base under you. Say you have decided after doing some meditation that your body is telling you to do a juice fast/cleanse. Great! Now you know what your body needs to be the healthiest version of you right now BUT you know nothing about juicing…. Turning to an expert in the field is a great choice to help you get started. Maybe do some research on businesses that provide juices for a juice cleanse and sign up there. Or do some research on which juicer is the best and purchase a quality juicer and a juicing manual for cleansing. Or turn to a friend that has done some juicing and knows all about it. The most important thing is to continue to check in with your body while doing the juicing to see if the juices are providing what your body needs. Really hate that celery, apple, cucumber juice? It’s probably not what your body needs. Continuing to check in with your mind and body will help you stay on track with what is best for you.

Have questions about how to be still and find those answers that only you can find for yourself? Reach out to me! I would love to help you find the power that lies inside of you!