Work Injury Therapy West Seattle

Did you know that the government records at least 374 million work injuries each year? Plenty of these injuries are severe enough to deter people from their regular work schedule for several consecutive days or weeks. In the worst cases, one may never recover from the injury and could be forced to rely on government support to make a living.

Luckily, several West Seattle work injury therapy options allow you to accelerate healing and get a better chance at resuming work. We know that most of our patients cannot afford surgery or other complicated solutions and therefore rely on affordable work injury therapy in West Seattle to deal with chronic injuries and pain. Our accident chiropractor in West Seattle sees many patients dealing with the worst cases improve their symptoms with consistent care from our professional team.

Most common work injuries

People develop any injury no matter the occupation. One sitting at a desk could have a strained back or neck, in similar fashions as a long-distance truck driver. These injuries happen regardless of the kind of work and hours. The most common work injuries include:

  • Motion injuries include cutting grass all day, chopping food, or moving boxes in between the same spaces. The continuous motion strains the joint and could lead to complications like tendonitis.
  • Falling objects – Suffering the weight of a falling object is one of the most unfortunate work injuries. Many people will develop head, neck, and back complications that require professional attention.
  • Slipping – Slipping is ordinary no matter the work environment. One could slip due to a wet floor or tumble due to exhaustion from carrying heavy objects.
  • Nerve damage: Pinched nerves happen when you have extreme back or neck injuries

How to handle work injuries

It is essential to seek the best work injury treatment as soon as possible to ensure you have proper care and treatment. Ignoring the complications will only cause more issues and painful symptoms that make life unbearable. We have several West Seattle WA work injury chiropractic care options to promote faster healing, restore range of motion, and further flexibility. Some of these physical therapies in Seattle treatments include:

  • Adjustment – They include manipulating the system to improve health and the nervous system
  • Massage – Massaging the soft tissues reduces inflammation and relieves discomfort without the need for harmful and addictive medication.
  • Exercise – Exercise alleviates pressure from the target areas because it strengthens and offers support for lousy posture.
  • Heat and cold therapy – Heat and cold therapy alleviates discomfort because it encourages blood flow and allows the body to heal better than most medicines. Heat and cold therapies are excellent for lower back pain, strains, arthritis, and muscle pains, among other concentrated injuries.
  • Spine manipulation – Issues with the cervical spine can cause headaches and need continuous adjustment to improve range of motion and mobilize the spine to a healthy state

Our work injury therapy in West Seattle does more than alleviate the actual damage, such as improving your immunity, digestion, and energy levels. Please get a new patient offer on our website today or call Roxbury Spine & Wellness Clinic (206-937-2000) for the best Seattle chiropractic care.


Work Injury Therapy West Seattle

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Work Injury Therapy West Seattle

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