Sclerotherapy Schaumburg IL

Skypoint Vein specializes in removing spider and varicose veins. We offer sclerotherapy in Schaumburg, IL. This procedure will treat spider and varicose veins that usually affect the legs. We want you to feel better about yourself, whether that be because we are eliminating a source of pain for you, or because you feel better about your appearance without the veins.

We know how varicose veins, especially in the legs, can affect you at a job where you are required to sit or stand for an extended period. Or maybe you love to travel but this requires a lot of sitting, and it can cause you to become uncomfortable or experience pain. When you come into our office, you can expect us to treat you with care and find a solution and procedure that works for you.

What is sclerotherapy and how does it work?

Sclerotherapy is a procedure that is used to treat and eliminate spider and varicose veins. Sclerotherapy uses a chemical that is called sclerosant. Sclerosant is injected into the veins and works by minimizing the unhealthy veins. The process usually takes about thirty minutes, depending on how many veins are injected.

How safe is sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy is usually done using ultrasound in order to monitor the injection and to make sure the injection is being delivered correctly. Like any procedure, that can be risky, but risks for this procedure are minimal. There is a risk of infection because the skin is being penetrated, but infection is not likely.

There is also a risk of developing blood clots in the veins and severe inflammation. There may also be an allergic reaction to the chemical sclerosant that is being injected into the veins, but again, this is not likely. This procedure is generally safe, but you should speak to our doctor when you come in for a consultation about any concerns you may have and possible allergies to determine if this procedure is right for you.

The Limitations of Sclerotherapy

There are cases in which sclerotherapy will not be effective, and another method should be used to eliminate spider or varicose veins. In cases where varicose veins are too large, the injection will not work as well as it will on smaller veins. Sometimes the veins will not react at all to the injections, but this rarely happens.

If you are pregnant, you will not be able to have this procedure done, and you must wait at least three months after you give birth before you may be considered for this procedure. If you are breastfeeding, you cannot undergo this procedure either, and you must wait until you stop breastfeeding to be considered. And if you are bedridden, you may not undergo this procedure either.

We want to make sure this procedure is effective and will not pose any health risks to you or anyone else. This is why there are limitations in place when it comes to having this procedure done. We can better inform you during a consultation and determine which treatment will work best for you.

Sclerotherapy Schaumburg IL