Nursing Homes In Denver Co

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Nursing Homes In Denver Co

Bethany Nursing and Rehab is one of the top-rated nursing homes in Denver, CO. Built-in 1969, we have helped numerous residents from the community with our short-term rehab treatment and first-class care.

Medical treatments for wounds

There are several techniques to treat an injury. Our wound specialist starts by cleaning the wound and numbing the area to seal the wound using sutures, stitches, or skin glue. For puncture wounds, you may have to get a tetanus shot, depending on the location of your wound. In most cases, your wound specialist will seal the wound to promote natural healing using a technique called secondary intention. This technique involves packing a wound with gauze to prevent infection and abscesses.

Another common type of treatment is the use of pain medications to treat open wounds. We administer antibiotics like penicillin to curb and contain any infection. Wound care is crucial to avoid infections and other medical complications. We are one of the few nursing homes in Denver, CO, with a full-time wound specialist to monitor your wound and offer aid to promote its healing. We take additional measures to take care of our wound care patients in a special unit that is clean, dry and disinfected from time to time.

Long-term care in nursing homes

Long-term care is for individuals suffering from chronic illnesses, disabilities, and seniors suffering from memory-related diseases. It offers a whole array of services like medical and personal care, planning life-enriching activities, lodging and dining facilities, etc. These facilities cater to the physical, emotional, and social needs of the elderly and other residents with illnesses. A nursing home is an ideal place for long term care because it offers 24-hour access to a clinical team and a registered physician.

Nursing homes offer extensive and specialized care from helping grooming, feeding, and medication supervision to offering them short-term rehab treatments. We have a team of a well-experienced nursing team that provides 24/7 medical monitoring and homely care. At our facility, our group of highly trained professionals offers rehabilitation treatments in the form of physical, occupational, and speech therapy and assistance to help residents overcome their medical conditions.

How much does nursing home cost a month?

On average, the cost of lodging in a private room in a nursing home can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $8,000 per month. Respite services for a senior or a loved one in a nursing home can cost up to $300 per day. The costs of staying at a semi-private room in a nursing home range between $3,500 to $7,000 per month. The fluctuations in costs generally depend upon the type of nursing home, services, amenities in the facility, location, etc.

Visit or call Bethany Nursing and Rehab for more information on our short-term rehab treatments and skilled nursing services. We are one of the unique nursing homes in Denver, CO, built to resemble a casino for our senior residents to feel comfortable, safe, and at home.

Nursing Homes In Denver Co

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Nursing Homes In Denver Co

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