Denver Alcohol Treatment Centers

Denver Alcohol Treatment Centers

When looking for Denver alcohol treatment centers, Valiant Living Detox and Assessment is here to help. When you choose Valiant Living in Denver, know that you are choosing an unparalleled commitment to comprehensive holistic care. Our program is different because here, we take into consideration all aspects of a client’s life – beyond their addiction. We strive to get to the root causes or triggers and create lasting change. Our goal is to genuinely treat each client with respect and set them up for success with post-treatment plans tailored to fit your individual needs.

Our Facility

Our detoxification and assessment center has proven itself to be among the best of the best, achieving the highest level of ASAM qualification (3.7). We believe that it is possible to provide robust care in an environment of respect and peace rather than a cold, institutional atmosphere. Our facility offers a calming and restful setting in which clients will feel safe and cared for as they start their journey toward greater physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Comfortable Setting

At Valiant Living, residents can enjoy living in a home-like environment that facilitates therapeutic growth. From cozy bedrooms to comfy communal areas, our carefully designed spaces provide a relaxing and secure atmosphere for everyone. Here, our staff takes the time to get to know the individuals under their care and helps them understand their own needs and build confidence accordingly. Every part of the facility is alluring yet functional—just like a true home—and promotes an environment that's conducive to personal growth and recovery.

Our Experts

Valiant Living knows that successful long-term recovery is about more than just managing withdrawal symptoms. It is designed to tackle the root of why a person turns to addictive behaviors in the first place and create lasting change that leads to transformation. Our team of clinical experts is dedicated to not only understanding a person's needs, but also providing the support they need to break destructive cycles, manage triggers, develop life skills, and build healthy relationships while achieving total sobriety. We know this isn't easy, and it takes commitment, courage, hard work, and resilience – which is why our clients have a companion every step of the way on this journey.

The Joint Commission Gold Seal Accreditation

Valiant Living's Denver alcohol treatment centers has earned the highly esteemed and much sought-after Gold Seal of Approval. With this, they have proven that they pose the highest level of care based on The Joint Commission agreements. This gold seal signifies an organization's tremendous commitment to upholding and even exceeding standards of quality assurance and patient safety protocols. Possessing a degree of expertise like this distinguishes Valiant Living from other organizations in its industry, offering comfort to those entrusted under their care.

We are Insurance Covered

Battling the effects of an addiction can be a draining, difficult process. That being said, spending exorbitant amounts of money doesn't have to be added to that list. Here at Valiant Living, we understand that when it comes to struggling with addiction, finding affordable help is key. We're proud to say that our excellent rehab services are insurance covered so you or your loved one don't have to worry about breaking the bank on rehabilitation treatments. Not only that, but our team is highly trained and experienced in the field of addiction; we want nothing more than for those suffering from addiction to receive the highest quality care so they can get back on their feet. We are delighted to partner with the following insurance companies so that those in need can access our care services. These companies are:

  • Anthem
  • Blue Cross Shield
  • Cigna
  • Humana
  • Aetna
  • Tricare

To verify your insurance today visit our website.

Get Back on Track at Valiant Living

Alcohol addiction is a scary thing to go through. Often times mental health plays a role in addiction as well. It is difficult to stop without preofessional help. Denver alcohol treatment centers are here to help you get your life back. Here at Valiant Living, we do not only treat alcohol abuse, we also treat drug abuse and mental health. Our experts are only a call away at 720-796-6885.

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Denver Alcohol Treatment Centers

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