Contract manufacture of dietary supplements

Contract manufacture of dietary supplements

SolisLabs is the leading Contract manufacturer of dietary supplements. We provide services starting from formulation, private labeling, manufacturing, and product packaging. We maintain our reputation for delivering competitive high-quality products that suits your needs, as we strive to provide what our clients ask for.

What exactly are dietary supplements?

Dietary supplements are products taken by mouth as a capsule, pill, energy bar, powders tablet, or liquid that contains nutrients. These products are “dietary supplements,” and you can find them in stores. They’re of different varieties which include:

  • Amino acid products
  • Vitamins and minerals products
  • Enzyme supplement products
  • Herbal or rather botanical products
  • Animal extracts
  • Fatty acids
  • Probiotics

Dietary supplements are not intended to cure, treat, or reduce the effects of any diseases, but they help to keep your body healthy. Many nutritional supplements are safe and beneficial to your body. But some may have an instance or future harmful effects. If you want to consume dietary supplements following your different interests, you should consider various regulations. Some of these regulations under the Federal law include:

  • Labeling should have the term “dietary supplement” and contain the product ingredients
  • Comply with USDA, cGMP, and FDA’s satisfaction

Benefits of taking dietary supplements

It’s naturally evident that you need to make meals with the proper nutrients for your health. A lot of food in the market are highly processed and lack nutrients. Many of us are confused since we don’t know what to take for health benefits. Luckily dietary supplements have all the necessary and perfect nutrients for your body.

If you appropriately take the supplements, you’ll have everything your body needs to stay healthy and active. They’ve all the micronutrients essential for your body. A large number of Americans use these supplements as their daily diet. This has increased the competition in dietary supplements selling. If you’re a vendor looking forward to boosting your business, you must get a top-notch contract manufacturer of nutritional supplements. Relax because we’re specialists in manufacturing high-quality dietary supplements.

Manufacturers with prime products

Many manufacturers produce low-quality dietary supplements that do poorly in the market leading to a massive loss. This is because a low-quality product can be declared unsafe for human consumption if it doesn’t meet the law’s satisfaction. Also, the consumers can’t take unpleasant products, which means a loss to the seller.

We provide services that are compliant to the food and product labeling rules, laws, and regulations. We strive to manufacture five-star products that are best sellers in the market.

Choose our dietary supplements!

You’ve been looking for a proficient contract manufacturer of dietary supplements, and finally, you got us. Don’t watch the downfall of your dietary supplements company or business. Give us a chance to manufacture top quality products to boost your business.

Be a competitive seller of dietary supplements by putting into market top-caliber products. If you’re looking to take your supplements business to a best-seller, be sure of SolisLabs. Contact us today and get top quality dietary supplements.

Contract manufacture of dietary supplements