Christian Addiction Treatment

Signing up for Christian addiction treatment can renew your faith in the creator and help you make positive life changes. Christian Drug and Alcohol Treatment focuses on helping individuals suffering from the clasps of addiction break free from their destructive behavioral patterns through Christ.

How Does Our Christian Addiction Treatment Center Works?

Our rehab center offers the best inpatient, IOP, PHP, and outpatient substance abuse treatment for Christians. Our addiction treatment approach encompasses christ-based therapies, evidence-based treatments, and holistic healing programs. Our integrated treatment approach makes us the highly sought-after rehab in California.

As a pioneer Christian rehab, we help our clients achieve spiritual transformation. Spiritual enlightenment equips them with the strength, support, and clarity to work through their behavioral and mental health challenges. Recovering addicts at our facility participate in Bible study sessions, scripture readings, faith-based 12-step programs, sermons discussing addiction, and daily prayer and reflection sessions.

What To Expect When You Get Started On Recovery With Us?

Each person’s recovery journey will vary based on the severity of their addiction and co-occurring psychiatric disorders. Here's what to expect during addiction treatment with us:

  • You will wake up early in the morning and begin the day with a healthy meal and a prayer session.
  • A licensed therapist will conduct moderate group therapy sessions during mid-morning, allowing you to bond with fellow recovering addicts over commonly faced issues in recovery.
  • After a well-rounded lunch, you will participate in ministerial and pastoral counseling and individual therapy during the afternoon.

You can also expect to attend regular church services to help you develop spiritual awareness. Having an open mind and willing approach can help you garner the best outcome in recovery.

Benefits Of Christian Addiction Treatment

Whether you're a Christian or not, you should find an addiction rehab with resources for physical and spiritual recovery. The advantages of attending a faith-based drug and alcohol rehab include:

Reduced Likelihood Of Relapse

One study states that over 80% of recovering addicts who attended a faith-based rehab remained abstinent for a year or more opposed to only 55% of patients who attended regular addiction treatment. Relapse is often the result of experiencing feelings of loneliness, isolation, and negative emotions. Scripture addresses each of these emotions and offers guidelines on overcoming them through God.

Christian drug and alcohol abuse treatment teaches recovering addicts about God and reminds them of His love for them. Realizing that you are not alone can encourage you to stay sober in the long haul.

  • Lowered Anxiety

Trust and confidence are two critical traits that define faith, and a lack of faith can lead to anxiety. God invites individuals battling an addiction to confide in Him and lay their burdens on Him. Our Christian alcohol and drug rehab program teaches the importance of faith and helps recovering addicts see that God is trustworthy. Our pastors and ministers help patients see that God is bigger than their problems, providing them with a sense of relief and comfort.

  • Healthy Coping Skills

Christian drug and alcohol rehab centers incorporate scripture in group sessions and treatments. Scripture addresses various situations you may encounter and help you learn essential coping skills to tackle them.

Call 866-434-1330 to verify your insurance with us. We offer the best Christian addiction treatment with a dedicated, compassionate, and friendly team of physicians, RNs, priests, ministers, and other clergy members on staff. Join Christian Drug and Alcohol Treatment today to witness a difference in your life.

Christian Addiction Treatment

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